Tips To Show Off Your Best Bikini Separate Collection

I know how difficult it is to find that perfect bikini separate, and even more difficult to try to show your personality in it while staying original and fashionable. But I’m sure with the tips I’m sharing, you’ll be the sensation at the romantic beaches of Soflo.

Here are some tips to make you feel like a superstar with your best bikini collection.

#1 First, do some research about your body type and learn what kind of bikini is the best for you. Also, try to figure out what colors are the hit for this summer and find the best for your color skin.

#2 Take into account how many days you will be at the beach and try to organize your bikini’s collection according to the activities for each day, remember you need special bikinis for watersports.

#3 If you had some bikinis for last summer, you can give them another chance with a bit of creativity using some costume jewelry or studs.

#4 Give those bikini separates a makeover using sharpie markers and drawing some original designs on them.

#5  Use your creativity and transform your one piece swimwear into a bikini.

#6 If you still need to find your bikini for the summer, how about some amazing handmade bikini separates from Camila Swimwear ? You can find fabulous tops and bottoms, and with a bit of imagination you can always mix and match them to come up with different combinations.

#7 Once you have your dream bikini collection ready, it’s time to gather up some accessories to match with them. with a bit if imagination and great taste anything goes! Make sure they reflect your personality.

#8 Last but not least, make sure those cute flip flops match with your bikinis, then pick up a hat, nice glasses, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Remember Soflo is well known for its romantic beaches. Choose your best collection and show your best look! Have a great time!

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