Are you taking your bike to the beach? We give you some tips

If you love the ocean, love to exercise and want to be eco friendly, riding a bike to the beach is your best option to get to the beach! Here we give some tips to ride smart and be safe.

Plan in advance

If you are familiar with the beach you are going, remember where you can find a shop where you can bring your bike in case you have a flat tire or any other issues. If not, search in advance for any bike shops near the beach you are going or near your hotel so you can have your bike fixed and use it the next day.

Salt and sand can be bad for your bike

You love the beach, the sand and the salty air, but those are not good for your bike as they can produce rust and grit. So ride to the beach on your bike but don’t use it on the sand itself. Maintain your distance or use any wood or concrete trails available near the beach you are going. Sand in your chain and gears can cause damage and grit and make it difficult to ride back. Also, clean your bike after getting home to avoid corrosion.

Use a bike basket or rack

Remember to buy a rear rack or a basket to bring all your beach stuff and accessories, like towels, sunscreen, snacks, a book, etc. This will make your life easy and also looks cool! You can also use it to put your bag or backpack there. Avoid carrying all that stuff on your shoulders while riding.

Bring plenty of water or beverages

The top advice for riding your bike in the summer is to always be hydrated, more so if you are going to the beach. You are going to sweat and lose a lot of liquids while riding, swimming and tanning so remember to bring enough water bottles or any other beverages you like. Always bring water to the beach even if you are not riding there, sometimes there are no stores near the beach to buy some.

Get the right bike

If you are buying a bike specially to take to the beach or you are renting while on vacation the recommended type is a road bike. Also remember that there are different sizes so make sure the one you are getting is right for you. Finally, have the bike checked before going on a long ride.

Safety and Accessories

It is also recommended to have some safety accessories like a helmet, bike gloves and pedals that use the clip in system. For any street riding it is necessary to have a horn or a bike bell and also some tail reflectors. Always wear sunglasses during the day while riding under bright sunlight.

Stay healthy before, during and after your ride!

You have to be in fairly good shape to ride a bike long distances and under excessive heat, so remember to eat healthy, stretch, bring some fruit like bananas, berries, power bars, nuts or have a fruit smoothie after that invigorating ride!

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