Ocean Adventures with your BFF

Are you wondering what you could possibly be doing when you have this day off from school or work? Seriously, what could be better than an ocean adventure with you best friend? No, I’m not talking about going to the beach and sitting there all day long to get a nice tan. I’m talking about going to an unknown (or less known) place where you will create your best memories of life. It is sometimes boring to do what you always do. Actually, you need to do the unusual from time to time to get what you never get, a special feeling.
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The planet earth is huge. Do you know how much you haven’t seen from it yet? Starting by seeing some places you’ve never seen before near you is the best idea you could have. Take that car or bike, make a lunch to have a nice little picnic, and go on an adventure with you best friend. Who knows what you’ll see? That’s the fun behind it. Not knowing what’s waiting for you.
Technology is among us and it’s hard to get rid of it for a day. But once you do, you feel like you are supposed to feel. Free without worries. Instead of going shopping and then to the movies, go with your best friend to discover some hidden parts of your inner self in an unusual place. When you’ll see the ocean, you’ll feel powerless compare to the strength of nature. You will forget about your problems and worries for a moment, and that’s what real therapy is.

Feel the wind and the sand in your hair. Feel the warmth between your toes. Inhale and exhale slowly while you smell the ocean breeze.

Go hiking or just run on the beach. When you’re done, you go jump in the ocean and simply relax.

Now, that’s what you’ve been waiting for. The sunset. This amazing and explainable feeling you get when you see the sun disappearing more and more. Leaving his place to the moon and the stars. Tomorrow will be a new day and you have no idea what you should expect from it. You take your bike or car, say a last goodbye to the beach, and you are ready to leave with sea salt in your hair and some sand left in your clothes.

I think that’s the best day off you can have. Sometimes, do things out of the blue. Say no to the daily routine and allow yourself to step out of this comfort zone that is killing your dreams and most enjoyable moments in life.

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