Meet Annette, the Official Brand Ambassador for Our Handmade Bikinis

If you belong to the paddle-boarding community of South Florida, chances are you already know Annette Garcia. But if you don’t, then let us introduce this beautiful talented athlete who is the official Brand Ambassador for Camila Swimwear. Annette is already a fan of our handmade bikinis, so she makes a great fit for her new role. She told us: “I’m an actual user of the brand and it’s hard not to be. It is nice to be promoting a young small brand that is accessible to everyone.”

Annette is a vivacious, outdoor person who loves paddle boarding. She has learnt the sport at a very young age and does it frequently:

 handmade bikinis

When did you develop a love for paddle boarding?

I learned how to surf when I was 11 years old and soon enough I owned two SUPs. Then, when I was 13, I tried stand-up paddle boarding in a kids race and right away I moved on to real races. Soon enough my family got into it and we began traveling up and down the coast for events.


What do you like most about paddle boarding?

At first, paddle boarding was just something that I did when there were no waves and I loved being in the water feeling free in my bikini. Living in Florida that was quite often. It eventually became something that I did with family and friends at different locations to explore different areas. What I like most about paddle boarding is SUP surfing. When I’m not surfing, I like being able to travel to places that without a paddleboard I would not be able to go to, such as trails within mangroves.

 handmade bikinis

What makes you more comfortable when paddle boarding?

The feeling of freedom and the fun the sport provides. Off course a comfortable swimsuit always help; and for certain reasons, I love handmade bikinis.


How do you keep fit to compete in this sport?

During my high school years I rarely trained on a paddleboard. I was always running– track and cross-country. Running was my way of working out and the fitness I gained from it transferred over to my SUP racing well. Now that I have just graduated, I have found it easier to spend more time on the water.

Handmade Bikinis

How would you describe the perfect day to ride for fun?

I paddle and surf for fun often. When I do, I like to make sure I am wearing the most comfortable outfit possible, and if it’s a cute handmade bikini that’s even better. As for the weather, the perfect day out on the water is when there are light offshore winds, the sun is out yet it is still cloudy, the water temperature is in the mid-70s, the waves are shoulder high lefts, and there is no one out except for my family and friends.


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