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Mass District

We are very proud to announce that Camila Swimwear is now retailing out of Dekkagon in the heart of the MASS District, which is the outcome of artists and businesses that want community and economic development for Fort Lauderdale through the arts.

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Dekkagon is one of the art gallery boutiques in the district, and Fort Lauderdale’s ultimate funky artist café. Dekkagon is not only perfect to shop for yourself or get authentic gifts that you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else! Its covered patio with plenty of seating, free wifi, shade, music, and a funky ambiance also makes Dekkagon a great place for meetings, hangin’, sketchin’, writing poetry, socializing, or working on the laptop.

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For us at Camila Swimwear is very nice to be apart of such great movement that offers a win-win situation for our community and an opportunity for local talent to showcase their art, whether is handmade swimwear, music, painting, or handmade jewelry!

Mass District

Please visit the gallery Mass District on Monday-Friday 11-3pm (see directions below) or if you want to come out any other time and try on our bikinis or purchase Share the Stoke Foundation merchandise, please simply email us at to make an appointment.

Mass District




Dekkagon’s Address is:

407 NE 8 Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


The GPS gets it wrong!

Type this is your GPS:

420 NE 8 street. 33304

See you there at Mass District!

#CSadventure Team


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