Live the Life with Sage Erickson

Life must be filled with love and inspiration. If you want to succeed, being able to inspire at the same time and share your true life experiences is a blessing for you and the world around you. This is something that Sage Erickson understood when she began her amazing journey.

Who is Sage Erickson?

– A very accomplished young athlete and inspiration for many

– A professional surfer and first place winner

– A beautiful (inside and out) California girl

– She recently arrived first place at the El Salvador surf competition

– She is a part of the World Surf League

Thanks to technology and social media we are able to see her and learn about her everyday. Her pictures are always colorful, but raw at the same time, showing the truth of the ocean and the surf life. Sage Erickson is a great example of living to the fullest. It is a huge honor for us to see her wear the Camila Swimwear’s bikinis.

Here are some pictures found on her social media:


Sage Erickson

Sage EricksonSage Erickson

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