5 hairstyles to look great with your bikini


Summer time is beach, breeze, and water time! Time to spend it with friends and show off our tan and bikini, but what about our hair? Hair is important too when it comes to having some fun-in-the-sun moments, we have done some research for you to find out what styles work better:


  1. Wavy and free. Also known as the “beach hair,” this is a perfect look if you have wavy hair already and want to forget the hair straighteners all season. To accomplish this look, dry your hair with a towel and apply your favorite leave-in conditioner by grabbing strands of hair and squeezing them in your fist and between your fingers (like when you try to curl your hair to apply mousse) and let your hair air dry. This style is so “beachy” that it looks wonderful with any bikini (Surfboard optional)


  1. Braids. Yes. The braids are back! They are not for little girls anymore and they are currently very fashionable, especially if you decorate them with flowers. You can either wear a small-flowers crown, or you can pin flowers to your braids to get a Hawaiian look. Just make sure the colors of the flowers match your swimwear.


  1. Perfect ponytail. Ponytails have always been a practical and attractive style for girls with long hair. You do not have to cut your hair this summer if you don’t want to! To look stylish just tie your ponytail high up on your head. This look is especially good for the sporty girls who still want to look feminine while wearing an athletic bikini and practicing watersports.


  1. Braided bun. If you are still undecided on what hairstyle to choose, just make the normal braid into a fun bun. This will give you that “chic” look that goes well with a tiny sexy bikini.


Which ones you will use this summer? Comment below & share with your friends!

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