7 Tips to Plan a Perfect Beach Bonfire

Having a beach bonfire is a perfect activity for holiday nights, especially after spending all day practicing Paddleboarding or other watersports. It requires some skills and knowledge, but it is a great way to enjoy some time with your friends or family. Before starting your bonfire there are some things you need to know to make it perfect.




#1 Research the laws related to bonfires at the beach, some states have special laws about it and not all beaches allow it.  And, well… We want to avoid problems with the authorities.

#2 Research about weather conditions, nobody wants a rainy night ruining the plans or a night too windy to keep the bonfire burning.

#3 Plan activities to do before lighting the bonfire, you can organize some water activities like Paddleboarding, surfing or a volleyball match to spend time waiting for the sunset.

#4 Split the logs for the bonfire and don’t forget to bring a fire extinguisher as a safety precaution. The size of the fire pit must be according to the number of people you’re inviting to your bonfire, and the number of logs must be enough to preserve the fire all time needed. As a special tip you can use some Dura-flame logs to light the bonfire.

#5 Plan activities to do during the night, you can bring a guitar or some music to dance, remember to bring enough food and beverages, and a lot of s’mores ingredients. Another good tip is to think of a theme party, maybe Hawaiian, Reggae, etc.

#6 If you want to spend some time with your partner, plan a special moment to be alone around the bonfire. Enjoy this romantic moment with the moonlight, the stars and the sound of the waves, and share some love words.

#7 An the final tip is for you is that no matter how busy you get planning your bonfire, always remember to look great no matter what! Search for that perfect swimwear to look gorgeous. You can find different styles of handmade bikinis at CamilaSwimwear.com I’m sure you will find the best for you to captivate all the glances.

bonfire at the beach




All these tips will help you organize a perfect beach bonfire, don’t forget to bring your camera, you will want to preserve all these moments forever.

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