6 Amazing Affordable Flip Flop Ideas to go with your Bikinis


Clothing can be an expensive investment, and looking for original items can be frustrating, but with some creativity and time you can save a lot of money by implementing some DIY ideas for your clothes and accessories.  Today you’ll learn how to can make cute flip flops with just some affordable materials to perfectly match with your news bikinis.

Unlike other people who buy footwear from expensive stores, you may express your beauty with a little handmade creativity. You just need to pick a few pairs of affordable flip flops in different colors to go with your affordable bikinis, then get scissors, glue, scarfs, ribbons and other decorative material to make your own original flip flop art. Here are 6 amazing flip flop ideas to go with your affordable Camila Swimwear bikinis this summer.

#1 You can use an old scarf to give your old flip flop another chance, just pass the scarf over the straps doing small knots around it, at the end leave a long stretch to cross over your ankles.

#2 Use some rainbow yarn, or other colors that match with the affordable bikini that you buy for the summer. Add some glue and roll the yarn around the straps.

#3 Also, you can use some ribbons to create a small flower or a loop and add it to the top of the straps, and then wrap the ribbons around it. How about to trying some metallic ribbons?

flip flops diy

#4 If your bikini is full of vibrant colors, decorate your flip flops with buttons, and you can use different kinds, colors and sizes to make it look great. Just get some needle and thread and start to sew, or simply glue them with crazy glue.

#5 And if you want to shine at the beach, how sporting custom jewelry on your feet? Buy some at the store and use some crazy glue to attach it to your old flip flops, they make it look original and expensive. Also, you can make some purses or necklace to match with them, and try to find an affordable bikini in neutral colors to make your feet the main characters of your look!

#6 The last amazing idea is to use crochet. There are different models and styles, but at the end the results are fantastic. You can add some beads or mix colors, you can even match the same pattern than your bikini. If you don’t know how to crochet, just search on the internet and you will find many tutorials or just ask your grandma.

I’m sure that with these ideas and some affordable bikinis you will have a perfect beach holiday this summer and don’t forget that your best accessory is your smile!

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