5 Steps to choose the perfect bikini

For many the summer and the holidays means vacations, trips to the beach, pool parties and what is known as swimsuit season. But for most women it also means that they have to show their bodies and look good wearing a bikini. Part of this experience is shopping for that perfect set and this can be a dreaded experience for some. It doesn’t have to be! No matter your body shape you can find a perfect bikini by following this easy steps…

Step 1

Start by determining your correct body type, the most common are Apple, Pear, Athletic and Hourglass. The hourglass body type is considered the ideal but there are tricks that you can use to achieve this look if you don’t have it.

Apple: You have big bust and your legs are smaller. Try to use a bikini bottom that makes your hips look bigger but a top that makes your bust look small. That way you can look like an hourglass body type.

Pear: Your have big hips and butt, and your waist, bust and shoulders are small. To look like an hourglass body type, wear a bottom that makes your hips look smaller and a top that makes your bust look bigger.

Athletic: Your bust and hips are both small, and you are slim overall. You can choose bikinis that make your bust look bigger or that emphasize your athletic look.

Hourglass: You have wide bust and hips with a narrow waist.

Step 2

Choose the top first; remember that the fabric, color and cut of your bikini top can also make your bust look bigger or smaller.

To make your bust look bigger: Avoid dark colors and use white or bright colors. If you have small breasts you can also opt for a bandeau or halter style top. You can also use padded tops. If you want to emphasize your bust even more, wear the classic triangle top but don’t go too small.

To make your bust look smaller: Use black, dark colors or busy patterns. Have support in mind and never use a top with not enough support for your size. Use tops with underwire if possible, large straps, enough fabric coverage and avoid big patterns or stripes.

Step 3

Now choose the bottom. Remember that your bikini bottom style and color can direct attention to your butt and hips or away from them.

To make your butt look bigger: Use a White or light colored bottom. For emphasis you can wear pieces with extra details like ruffles, busy patterns or wear a boyshort style bottom.

To make your butt look smaller: Wear black or dark colors and avoid stripes or patterns. If possible use a bottom that you can tie or a high cut.

To make your legs look longer use high cut bikinis and to make your legs look shorter you can use shorts.

Step 4

Coordinate your two pieces. If you choose separate pieces from different sets you can follow this recommendations:

Use a color in a shade or two lighter on the body part you want to emphasize, wear a dark bottom and a light top if you want to draw attention to your bust but not to your butt and hips and vice versa. Also coordinate the colors of your two separate pieces; wear different shades of the same color, complementing or neutral colors or a combination of black and white. You can use whatever you want just remember to coordinate.

Remember that the top and bottom of your bikini doesn’t have to be the same size as long as they fit you well. Even if you buy a set don’t be afraid to change the top or the bottom according to your body type.

Step 5

Always wear age-appropriate bikinis and swimsuits. You certainly don’t want to feel embarrassed at the beach so always use a suit that is right for your age and your body type. For example: don’t use a triangle bikini with no support if you have a big bust or don’t use a minuscule string bikini if you are a mature woman. Use a halter one piece swimsuit instead.

You can also use a cover-up when not in the water to help you fell confortable and to hide those parts of your body that you don’t like.

As always, don’t forget to be confident, show what you got, feel beautiful and wear a big smile!

Follow this tips and you will look great in that new bikini!

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