10 tips to look gorgeous and confident in your bikini

The holidays or spring break are quickly approaching? Do you want to look amazing at the beach so you and your friends can take lots of pictures that you can upload to social media without felling bad? Follow this advice and you will look great in those bikini selfies!

  1. Drink lots of Water

Drinking lots of fluids is the easiest way to prepare to a day at the beach; it helps with your complexion, your health and your metabolism and also is cheap! Drink at least 1 liter of water a day. Your skin will look perfect!

  1. Cut Calories

You can go to the Gym everyday all day but unless you improve your diet nothing will change! Start cutting calories like fries and instead have a side of fruit or vegetables with your meals. Also avoid any “White” carbs like white bread, white pasta, white rice and sugar. Have high-fiber whole grains instead.

  1. Be careful what you put in your salad

Every restaurant and fast food place is offering salads as part of their menus but sometimes those salads are full of fats and carbs! Have salads with vegetables and fruits only, with no ham, bacon, croutons, cheese, oils or heavy dressings like Ranch. You can add a little protein like chicken and some nuts.

  1. Cut the salt

Sodium is very bad for you if take it in large quantities. Avoid all processed foods and try to avoid adding even more salt to your meals. Use black pepper instead.

  1. Cut Alcohol

If you are going to the beach the next day, you can’t drink the night before! Specially beer. Alcohol produce bloating so try to have non-alcoholic drinks or water. Your body will thank you later. And if you also cut smoking you will look stunning!

  1. Exercise

If the holidays, spring break or summer is approaching try to move more than usual months in advance. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, go dancing to the club or put some music at home and dance while you clean the house. The more you move the more you will sweat and that is the goal. Or even better, take a Zumba class or any class that will make you dance at your local gym.

  1. Be Careful with your hair removal

If you are going to have a bikini wax, do it professionally and days in advance. Don’t do it just a few hours before going to the beach or the day before! You don’t want your skin to look red and damaged under the sun. Also avoid ingrown hairs by using any of the products available in the market just for that purpose. And don’t forget to get a pedicure while you’re at it.

  1. Stand up straight

Correct your posture while walking, standing or sitting at the beach and you not only will look slimmer but also more confident, more beautiful and even taller. Do you need better reasons?

  1. Sleep

By now you should know that a “beauty sleep” is no myth and is really good for your health. Sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours each night or at least a few days before going to the beach. You will wake up radiant, rested, with beautiful skin and ready to enjoy the sun and the waves.

  1. Be confident!

Confidence will make you look good no matter what. If you own the moment, rock that bikini and feel beautiful, you will look beautiful to others and you will feel great in return.

The bottom line is that you should enjoy yourself, wear a smile with your bikini and don’t over think it. Felling great and being happy will make look stunning all day, every day!

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